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Established Conference – Superb Venue
Building on the success of its previous conferences, Jewish Medical Ethics Conferences in Switzerland (JMEC) is undertaking the preparation of its fourth conference. Once again, the venue of the conference will be the elegant Hotel Chlosterhof situated in the charming and picturesque town of Stein am Rhein in northern Switzerland. Together with friedevents and the staff of the Hotel Chlosterhof, a highly devoted and experienced team will guarantee the smooth organisation of a memorable event.

International Audience – Acclaimed Speakers
Past conferences have attracted a wide audience from over 15 countries from all four continents. This time hosting as keynote speakers some world-renowned opinion leaders from the fields of medicine, Judaism, politics and science, we expect to repeat the success of the previous meetings. For this fourth conference, the scientific committee of JMEC has decided to work closely with the University of Zurich, to envision an enriched scientific program through this promising collaboration.

Uncovering Ethical Problems – Addressing Possible Solutions
Infertility has become a burning issue in modern society. Novel developments in Assisted Reproduction Techniques, Pre-Implantal Diagnosis and Fertility Preservation have given rise to new ethical and moral dilemmas. These new diagnostic options and intervention possibilities are prone to shake our established legal, social and cultural perceptions to the core. This conference aims to expose the ensuing problems of infertility and its medical response, and plans to create a forum to discuss the ramifications of these medical advancements. The speakers will address some of the most acute ethical, societal and legal aspects, with a special emphasis on Jewish medical ethics. As during the previous conferences, the participants will be given the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, meet and discuss with experts and network with various stakeholders at the crossroads of medicine, economics and ethics.

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Dr. Raffael Guggenheim,   Dr. Daniel Passweg,   Dr. Raphael Patcas

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